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Do You Need A Maths Tutor for Leaving Certificate (5th & 6th Year) 2024?

Joe McCormack, founder of ACE Maths Tuition, is well established as the leading Maths Tutor in Ireland, with a track-record of excellence and delivering high results. See below for a selection of student and parent testimonials for Joe’s Maths Tutorials. ACE Maths Tuition provide:

  • Online Maths Tutorials (LIVE) for 5th and 6th Year (Higher)
  • In-Person Maths Tutorials (Ratoath) for 6th Year (Higher)
  • Outstanding Maths resources including Award winning Maths Solution books

Do You Need A Maths Tutor Ireland for Leaving Certificate (5th & 6th Year) 2024?

Joe McCormack, founder of ACE Maths Tuition, is well established as the leading Maths Tutor in Ireland, with a track-record of excellence and delivering high results. See below for a selection of student and parent testimonials for Joe’s Maths Tutorials. ACE Maths Tuition provide:

  • Online Maths Tutorials (LIVE) for 5th and 6th Year (Higher) 
  • In-Person Maths Tutorials (Ratoath) for 6th Year (Higher)
  • Outstanding Maths resources including Award winning Maths Solution books
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Leading Maths Tutor Ireland 2024 and Accredited All-Star, Joe McCormack, Founder of ACE Maths Tuition.

Joe’s Analysis of Leaving Cert Maths on RTE

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ACE Maths Tuition will recommence for Term 2 on January 15th 2024. Classes take place in Ratoath and LIVE Online for Leaving Certs. All Leaving Cert Maths Tutor Ireland 2024 Sessions are run by ACE founder, Joe McCormack. Limited places are available so be sure to book early as places will be allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis.

ACE Maths Tuition, founded by Secondary School Teacher and Educational Author Joe McCormack will recommence classes for 5th and 6th years in Ratoath Community Centre and Online in January 2024 (See link to timetable below). After an Initial assessment and a short period of teaching the core areas at each level, the focus of the tuition will turn to exam preparation and the practice and teaching of past exam questions similar to the standard and detail presented in Joe McCormack’s Junior and Leaving Certificate ACE Solution books.

In class, each student is taught about the importance of words, layout and style on their upcoming Maths exam paper and will grow in confidence to tackle the most detailed and intricate long questions from past papers. Joe McCormack’s philosophy of teaching is:

“Being fully familiar with the words that appear on past papers combined with being exam smart and confident is the secret to success in Maths.”

Note: Online LIVE Classes may replace in-person tuition in line with Government health regulations – The safety of Staff and Students will be ACE’s priority.

**Download Our Brochure for January 2024 by clicking here.**

Students will receive the best notes, resources, handouts, homework and challenging questions in hard copy and by e-mail. These will provide them with that extra bit of detail in order to grasp complex topics. They can also request specific notes on areas of difficulty for them, which will be forwarded on. Students will be empowered to obtain a Maths grade above what they actually expect to achieve.

Parents will be full Included in the process from the Initial meeting to regular ongoing e-mails. Topics covered during the Junior Cycle classes will include Algebra, Area and Volume, Arithmetic, Trigonometry, Geometry and Functions. Leaving Cert students can look forward to clear explanations in topics such as Algebra, Complex Numbers, Co-ordinate Geometry (Line & Circle), Statistics, Number theory, Geometry, Probability and complex long wordy past exam questions among others.

Students can join Joe’s class at any stage during the year for Maths Tutor Ireland 2024. Joe’s full business profile is available on his home page.

Ratoath Community Centre Weekly Class (Book)

Class 1: ACE Leaving Higher Maths (6th Years). Monday 15th January 2024 6-7pm [Limited places].

ACE Online Weekly Class (Book)

Class 2: ACE Leaving Higher Maths Online (6th Years). Monday 15th January 2024 8-9pm [Waiting List].

Class 3: ACE Leaving Higher Maths Online (6th Years). Tuesday 16th January 2024 6-7pm. [Waiting List].

Class 4: ACE Leaving Higher Maths Online (5th Years). Wednesday 17th January 2024 6-7pm [Waiting List].

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Student and Parent Testimonials

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“Sums up everything you’ll need” Rating: 10/10.

“Joe – I cannot thank you enough for changing Clancy’s mindset – haven’t had Issues in a long time – she is just getting on with it with your help!! It’s a relief for us … and especially her to feel confident to work through the problems. I don’t care what grade Clancy gets in the Mocks – she came out of Maths yesterday feeling positive … she got stuck, went on, came back & remembered. You have taken away her fears and for that alone I thank you sincerely.” Rgds, Paula.

“Hi Joe, Just want to thank you for all the help and support you have given Rachel in not just maths but in everything!!! All your help and support has never gone unnoticed! Thanks again for everything.”

“Hi Joe, Thank you so much for restoring my confidence in maths. You have been a great help to me. I am now more willing to do Maths and instead of getting bothered if I get something wrong, I actually go and find out where I went wrong. I definitely have a more open minded approach to Maths ever since I attended your classes. Once again thank you so much.” Rating 9/10.

“Hi Joe, Kate and I were just talking about you and how helpful your classes have been. Your support over the last number of months has been huge and we are very grateful for that. I’ll certainly recommend your classes and wish you all the best in the future.
Kindest regards, Aisling”

“Very welcoming class, confidence boosting, highly recommend” Rating: 9/10

“Charismatic and Genuine. Explains everything really well” Rating: 10/10

“It’s a great class for you to gain essential last minute tips before your exam” Rating: 8/10

“Excellent teacher, really gave me confidence in myself for the exams, many useful tips and tricks” Rating: 10/10

“The targeted questions whcih are more likely to come up benefited me a lot” Rating: 7/10

“Joe was very descriptive in the way he laid out questions, he kept a good stock of notes that we often went over again because they were relevant and helpful.” Rating: 8/10

“Joe – Maths: • Excellent learning environment, • Concise and easy to follow notes, • Extra work suited to students abilities, • Very professional yet welcoming methods and teaching.” Rating: 10/10

“Joe is very passionate about teaching Maths and this really reflects in his teaching methods and how he makes everything understandable. His notes are great and easy to follow.” Rating: 10/10

“I would recommend ACE Maths with Joe as he was a very informative teacher with great knowledge. He could explain the problems and solutions in great detail. You can ask him any question about Maths and he wouldn’t hesitate or look at you funny if your question was a bit out of the sorts. I would recommend ACE Maths with Joe to anyone who is finding Maths hard.” Rating: 9/10

“Joe very good at explaining. Good notes given” Rating: 10/10

“Encouraged me to get those extra few hours of study in for Maths every week that I otherwise wouldn’t have done” Rating: 8/10

“I would recommend Joe as he explains everything in great detail, so you really understand it and he will teach you better methods that he knows. He also gets you used to having to have a certain amount of time for each question so he gets you very prepared for that” Rating: 10/10

“I found ACE Maths tuition to be very easy to understand and very well explained. Before doing this Maths tuition I struggled with maths alot but I now find it to be alot easier” Rating: 9/10

“Joe is a fantastic maths teacher. My daughter felt he was able to explain his techniques very clearly and was invested in every student in the class. She enjoyed the classes
(Including online) and looked forward to attending every week. She felt confident after his classes that she could meet her college entry requirements. As a parent I could see a huge difference in her confidence and her attitude towards Maths and the leaving cert. It was very clear that Joe cared about his students.”

“I felt Joe was very thorough, easy to understand and went over things that I had missed with my own teacher.” Rating: 10/10

“I would recommend Joe as he goes through each question carefully and makes sure each person understands it fully.” Rating 9/10

“I would highly recommend Joe as he helps you understand the question and goes through the solution in good detail so you know how to answer a similar question to the one he goes through” Rating 9/10

“Joe was extremely engaging and helpful during the class. He was very supportive and made sure everyone understood, he gave out great notes which were great for helping study.” Rating 10/10

“Joe was a very engaging, thoughtful and dedicated Maths grinds teacher, who was always bettering his students by giving useful notes and exam paper samples after every session. Joe helped me improve my Maths grade greatly from these grinds, and I would definitely recommend him.” Rating 9/10.

“Very good notes, Good at explaining, Corrects homework, Always asks questions to make sure you understand.” Rating 10/10

“Cares about the students and doesnt try to make anyone feel bad for getting a question wrong. wants to help.” Rating 9/10

“Joe made the subject interesting and entertaining. He provided loads of notes and information and handouts to keep us up to date. While always being at hand when stuck with questions and provided the answer, while making us learn and understand.” Rating 8/10

“Joe spent a lot of time explaining the Maths to the students and didn’t move on to the next lesson till they understood it.”

“Joe was very helpful in other subjects as well as maths. As we were focusing on topics that I hadn’t started in school it meant that I had a better grip on them when we finally came to those chapters. The Maths we did every week as revision was a great way of keeping on top of my work and learning things that are on the course which some teachers will never mention. Joe really covered every main part of the course in our time spent together and I’m sure anyone can benefit from his grinds.” Rating 10/10

“Very helpful and dedicated, happy to help, professional but not a robot with a few jokes here and there. Brilliant understanding of the subject and very motivating and inspiring.” Rating 9/10

“The checklists and practice questions were very helpful” Rating: 9/10

“Joe is a really good teacher and helps you understand Maths better.” Rating 8/10

“I highly recommend Joe for Maths tuition. My daughter was so impressed by his teaching methods and found him to be very informative.”

“The summarised pages of notes were very helpful e.g. De Moivres Theorem Sheet” Rating: 8/10

“I found it helpful for revision and going over topics I wasnt sure about or forgot” Rating: 7/10

“Hi there, My name is Edel Wyer.  I would just like to recommend and give appreciation to Joe McCormack Ace Solutions.  My daughter Sophia  attended his higher level Maths course in Ratoath Community Centre this year and  we both would highly recommend Joe.  Sophia said Joe makes complex Maths seem easy with the tools and patience he used in class.  Joe put a lot of focus on exam papers and also kept the students all informed through email and text messages on a weekly basis.  Joe has also created Ace solution books that simplifies Maths solutions. I feel Sophia really benefited from Joe’s class because he gave 110 percent in everything he taught. If you need help in 2020/2021 with Maths grinds then as a parent and Sophia as a past student we would highly recommend Joe.   We would like to wish Joe the very best of luck for the future.  Thanks so much Joe for everything. :-) “

“My daughter was struggling with Maths as she had a weak teacher in 2nd year. I knew I needed to get her help if she was to get back on track with all she had missed. I found Joe through a recommendation. From day one my daughter really liked him, his approach and clarity around the problems he helped them solve.  Joe was consistent and when we hit Covid he was quick to move online so the pupils missed  nothing. The proof of the power of Joe’s classes showed in my daughters results. She went from 40% in her nd year summer exams to 82% in her junior cert mocks. Can’t say better than that! Highly recommended.”

“I’m always speaking highly of your business and I know Oskar found it helped him immensely to grasp Maths again from having totally lost all interests. I will always recommend your business and my second son Erik who is going into 5th year is doing honours Maths and has already started to talk about taking grinds in 6th year obviously availing of your service. 

Thanks for your dedication and help throughout this last year and I wish you all the best in the future. I’m sure I will see you around.”

“Joe went at a pace where I didn’t feel it was dragging on or going to fast he was also very helpful for example if I got a question wrong he would tell me how in a non condescending way. Rating: 9/10

“Exam focused teaching from someone who has a well balanced and full knowledge of the course” Rating: 9/10

“I thought the condensing of the course was very helpful. It made the course seem much more accessible as I had learned the course in massive detail” Rating: 9/10

“I would absolutely recommended to other people. Really clear explanations and tips on how to approach more difficult questions. Important notes handed out also which helped in the exam. Appreciated Joe replying to any queries and giving advice on how to approach the exams too. Thanks again” Rating: 9/10

“Thank you, Joe McCormack. Thanks a million for all your help and advice. As I only have one son I’ll not be facing LC again but I really appreciate your tips and advice all year and my son found your Maths blitz great. Only 2 more exams left for him and then its off out into the real world!”

“Gives clear methods on how to approach difficult questions in Maths. Solutions in Joe’s books are very helpful, better than looking at standard marking schemes. Thanks for all the help and advice” Rating: 9/10

“My son Dean attended tuition for leaving cert higher level Maths as he was struggling with this subject and not confident in it. Joe was absolutely brilliant; he explained, practiced and gave homework for him to work on. This was corrected and anything my son did not understand or got incorrect, Joe patiently went through. He also had access to e-mail Joe outside of class with any issues and Joe always responded. Joe also recommended books to help at home which my son found brilliant. Joe was very patient and clear and went through questions with great detail and explanation. He is a gentleman to deal with and only wants to get the best for his students. Leaving Cert done now and my son came out of both Maths exams very confident. Thank you Joe for your patience, knowledge and time and the best of luck with your new venture. We would highly recommend Joe and thank him for sharing his knowledge and time with Dean. Many thanks”

“Classes were very helpful for all the small things that could easily loose you marks. Would recommend.” Rating: 7/10

“My eldest son Sean just finished leaving today and has benefited greatly from Joe’s ACE books (Both Jnr Cert and Leaving). He also found the Maths tuition classes before the exams great. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. My youngest son Oisin is going into 2nd year in Sept. I would be very interested in any developments that will help with Jnr Cert. He received a grade of 88% in his summer report and teacher has advised he is well able for higher”

“The tips, the different/easier ways of doing questions compared to how I had learned it were helpful” Rating: 10/10

“My daughter attended the two part class for Maths tuition just before the 2019 Leaving Cert examinations and it helped her immensely. She was able to build on what she already knew and understand some topics that hadn’t been clear. She actually found the course herself and really wanted to go based on feedback from other friends who had previously attended classes. The e-mailed home work was also helpful to help consolidate learning. Thank you”

“Healthly learning environment. All your questions answered and explained” Rating: 8/10

“My children attended Maths tuition with Joe McCormack this year both for ordinary and higher level Leaving Cert Maths. They found the ACE maths solution books particularly helpful for revision for the exams. The frequent updates by email were invaluable, precise and understandable with lots of tips and practical study strategies for those final weeks. “

“Joe explained all of the key aspects of each topic very clearly -> really helped to reassure me and boosted my confidence right before the exams! Thank you” Rating: 9/10

“Our son raved about the Maths classes that Joe provided before his Leaving Cert. He was sceptical at first but found the classes a real big help, especially as Joe approached all the problem areas for the exam that the students spoke about and provided sample answers and notes which really helped with his study. Joe’s willingness to answer ALL questions, even through direct messaging, is a credit to his dedication and his willingness to help students be successful. Highly recommend Joe, his website, his tuition and any pre test blitz classes.”

“The crash course classes are very helpful for key tips that students often overlook” Rating: 7.5/10

“My son attended Joe’s Maths classes and found his clear notes very helpful”

“Thank you, I struggled a bit with Paper 1 topics, but your recommended questions definetely helped” Rating: 7/10

“My son & daughter attended Joe for LC Higher Level Maths tuition, with his expert guidance and notes it really took the pressure off them in covering the lengthy course and gaining ongoing practice in all revelant topics. I would highly recommend Joe as a go to tutor for LC Higher Level Maths”

“What I found helpful was that Joe fully explained through each topic to give me a better understanding of what I was doing” Rating: 8/10

“After many years out of the education system, I took the leap and returned to Higher Education. One of the fears I had was Maths as although I knew the basics, Fractions and above scared the hell out of me. Without Joe’s support at VTOS I would not have gone and successfully completed a Business Honours Degree as the first year of College was all about Maths. Joe simplified matters for me which enabled me to look at the bigger picture. I always felt Maths was complicated, after attending Joe’s classes the world of Maths made sense. I would encourage anybody to attend his classes or be mentored by Joe, as without his support and simplifying methods “only one knows” if i would have pursued what I set out to do.”

“Helpful and Refreshing” Rating: 7/10

“My daughter Victoria joined Joe’s class as she needed extra support for her Leaving Cert Higher Maths Exam. Joe was very supportive and motivating and as a result my daughter gained so much confidence prior to her Maths exam. The support and resources received were more than adequate. I would recommend Joe to any parent who wants their child to have the support and belief in themselves at this level.”

“Helped with understanding questions” Rating: 7/10

“Both my son and daughter received grinds from Joe before their Leaving Cert. He was extremely helpful in supporting them with their Maths studies and really helped build their pre exam confidence. They found his teaching methods very clear and engaging. Would highly recommend.”

“I liked the really strong focus on Exam questions and techniques which get overlooked in class due to time pressure.” Rating: 8/10

“My son was tutored by Joe last year for HL Maths and we were delighted with the attention and care Joe took to get James to his best. Joe took the time to explain every problem and provided notes & links which James found very helpful. The extra points needed were achieved and we can’t praise Joe’s tuition and support enough. I would recommend Joe to any student who wants to achieve their full potential. Thanks Joe.”

“All tuition classes were really helpful and gave me loads of confidence in approaching the exam” Rating: 9/10

“I would highly recommend Joe’s Math’s classes because I found him to be very clear and precise in his teaching of all the Math’s solutions and found him very supportive.” Rating: 10/10

“I would recommend Joe for Maths tuition because his methods of teaching really helped me understand the course and I had a better understanding of answering exam questions. I became a lot more confident in Maths. I also liked how he constantly asked questions to all of his students throughout the class. His notes are great!” Rating: 10/10

“As a parent of a student that didnt like maths, Joe has been nothing but professional, helpful and courteous in every manner of education” Rating: 10/10

“Joe explains everything extremely well. He is very approachable and supportive. He made the completion of my Maths course much easier. He is an excellent tutor, his notes and solutions are invaluable.” Rating: 9/10

“I recommend Joe (Maths) because he made Maths enjoyable and easy to understand. I learnt new methods of learning. It was easy to speak to Joe if I had any questions or if I didn’t understand something. It was easy to follow along with his solutions.” Rating: 10/10

“Before I attended Joe’s Maths class, I was struggling to keep up with my class. My teacher in school was going at a very fast pace and i couldn’t keep up with the work and as a result I was getting bad results in my tests. Joe helped me become more confident when doing Maths and he took the time to clearly explain everything to me. He made learning fun and i always looked forward to his classes. He also helped me outside of his class by sending me notes on topics I wasn’t familiar with. I recommend ACE tuition because I have improved so much and I am now confident in my Maths work and I am finally happy with my test results. ” Rating 10/10.

“Iwin and I are very grateful for your support with Maths Tuition since this academic year.
As a parent, I found Joe very supportive and easy to talk with. Joe was available to guide my son to navigate through past Maths questions which gave him the confidence he so needed in the subject. Although he didn’t get to sit the final exams due to the covid 19 pandemic, we are very grateful for the level of confidence achieved. Thank you again.” Josephine Egbon.

“I really appreciated the time Joe took to explain how to answer questions. His notes were very detailed and very well explained.” Rating: 9/10.

“I would recommend Joe for Maths because he’s a good teacher & he’s good at explaining problems” Rating: 8/10.

“It is very benficial and you learn a lot.” Rating: 7/10.

“Very helpful, a good overall revision of the key points on the course (ones which come up often in exams). Very exam focused! Thank you and good luck in the future and I will make sure to recommend you onto anyone who’s doing their leaving cert next year.” Rating: 8/10

“Gives a blanket look to help you notice what you are missing” Rating: 8/10

“Covers a lot in a short amount of time. Very helpful in summarising topics” Rating: 9/10